About Portland Sand and Gravel…

Portland Sand and Gravel originally began as a quarry owned by Multnomah County. It was used to mine out the sand and river rock left behind from the Missoula floods. The land was then purchased by family friends in 1928. Ralph Griffin started as a foreman at Portland Sand & Gravel who then purchased the business in 1955. Since then, there have been four generations of the Griffin family who have worked for Portland Sand & Gravel Co.

We may have a name that sounds like a mighty conglomerate, but in reality we are a relatively small outfit in comparison to other sand and gravel companies. This is why our customers are so important to us. As Ralph Griffin Sr. used to say, “All we have to sell is service. The material goes with it”.  Our family and crew strive to live and work by these words.

Whether you’re picking up a 5 gallon bucket worth of material or a dump truck load, we are happy and able to accommodate! We’ve been recycling concrete and asphalt for over 20 years.  Drop off what you don’t want and we’ll recycle it for your next project!

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