Yes we are! There is a parking area to the east side of the little brick office and the front door faces the street. Always check in with the office first whether

We are open Saturdays April through September from 8am to 4pm. (Dumping cut off is 3:30pm).

You need to be in by 3:30pm to dump.

We cannot help unload your material due to liability purposes. So be sure to recruit helpers to help you unload material.

The minimum we load into pickups and trailers is ½ cubic yard. We have a one yard minimum for deliveries. If you’re wanting to pick up a small amount of material and shovel in yourself, we sell in very small quantities as well. Bring in a 5 gallon bucket to fill for just $2.50 or a recycling bin (plastic tub for glass recycling) is $5.00 per container.

You only need to use the wheel wash if you are dumping material. It sprays your tires off to keep the streets clean for the city.

We are not able to come to your location but if you give us the length and width dimensions in feet and the depth in inches, we can calculate how much material you will need. There is also a cubic yard calculator on our website as well.

You sure can! We have three dump trucks that have divider gates so you can get up to five yards each of two different materials for one delivery charge.

We recommend calling at least a couple days in advance to ensure a convenient delivery time for you.

We are a landfill for inert materials. Meaning, because we are not a lined landfill we can only fill in the property with dirt, rock, concrete, brick and asphalt. We cannot take any organic materials or garbage of any kind.

We have boulders, but cannot deliver them. Any boulders up to 1 ft are $1 each, 1-2 ft are $5 each, 2-3 ft $10. If we load the boulders with our machine then there is a $50 loading charge but if you buy at least $50 worth of boulders then the charge is absorbed.

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