Spring Fever! Why We Dig Our Three Way Blend Soil.

We Oregonians do not take sunshine for granted! These sporadic days of fair spring weather leave us itching to get our outdoor projects done. Our three way blend is an excellent base to plant your vegetables, flowers, or grass in. The soil is 50% compost that is made up of yard debris and is manure free, 25% finely screened mason sand, and 25% screened topsoil. This blend saves you the trouble of having to till in compost to your existing soil and is ready to plant in. Keep in mind that planting is just compost by itself can absorb too much heat for your plants to grow in. Be sure to add in fertilizer to our three way blend to ensure that your plants thrive!

The helpful folks at Portland Nursery have many types of fertilizers to give your garden a boost. Keep in mind that there are different fertilizers depending on what you’re growing so make sure you get the right plant food. We purchased E.B. Stone’s Tomato & Vegetable Food, E.B. Stone’s All Purpose Plant Food for flowers and E.B. Stone’s Nature’s Green Lawn Food. The photos featured are of all three of these fertilizers with our three way blend soil in the background. The closest Portland Nursery location to us is located at 9000 SE Division St., Portland OR 97266. Here is their website as well for all they have to offer: https://www.portlandnursery.com/

Another great site for helpful gardening tips: https://www.ufseeds.com/learning/

We would love to see photos of your garden thriving with the help of our three way blend soil!

Email them to pdxsand@gmail.com

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